Rita Moretti e Paola Caruso hanno concluso la loro esperienza come Leading Guest Editor di uno Special issue: "Small Vessel Disease: A Whole Brain Disease"

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A special issue of International Journal of Molecular Sciences (ISSN 1422-0067). This special issue belongs to the section "Molecular Neurobiology". IF. 4.556

La pubblicazione ha avuto un ampio successo con la pubblicazione di dodici lavori di neurobiologia molecolare avanzata.

Cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) is an umbrella term covering a variety of abnormalities related to small blood vessels in the brain. SVD results from damage to the small penetrating arteries and arterioles in the brain, and its prevalence increases exponentially with aging: From approximately 6% to 7% at age 60 to 28% at age 80. 
SVD is a common cause of stroke, cognitive impairment, and gait disturbances, which slowly progress to vascular Parkinsonism and dementia, but can be differentiated from Alzheimer's disease considering neuroimaging findings (it is associated with more extensive white matter lesions, less severe hippocampal atrophy, and the absence of cerebral amyloid angiopathy). Substantial evidence shows that small vessel disease shares many risk factors and prognostic impacts in specific clinical settings. In fact, the presence of small vessel disease confers a risk of hemorrhagic transformation in brain ischemia in 10% of cases. SVD increases the morbidity, disability, and healthcare costs of the growing elderly population, decreasing their quality of life. Its prevention and treatment are critical research and clinical priorities. Our work purposes would be to view the small vessel disease as a whole-brain pathology, with possible new biological markers, hemodynamic complex alterations, and cholinergic dysfunction, pointing out the dynamic process that links small vessel disease to subcortical dementia. 

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Rita Moretti  sarà Leading guest Editor dello Special Issue per Intern. Journ. Mol Sciences, Neurobiology Section,  intitolata:
Small vessel disease: new perspectives on an emerging reality

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