Travel Grants for Students and Postdocs: EMBO Workshop - Perspectives on Skin Cancer Prevention

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Travel grant availability for students and postdocs wishing to participate at EMBO Skin Cancer Prevention meeting. 

The organizers have set-aside funds to fully or partially support the travel of students or postdocs, based on submitted abstracts, some of which will also be selected for oral presentations. Interested students or postdocs, can submit an abstract by following the steps on the online application form which can be accessed from the event webpage: If students would like to be considered for a travel grant they should tick the relevant “travel grant" box on the online registration form, and indicate their approximate cost of travel. The organizers let them know of the financial support that can provide shortly after the meeting registration deadline


Prof. Iris Zalaudek, MD


Head of  the Dermatology Clinic

University of Trieste

Hospital Maggiore, Piazza dell' Ospedale 1, 34125 Trieste, Italy 


Direttrice della Clinica Dermatologica

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche Chirurgiche e della Salute

Università degli Studi di Trieste

Ospedale Maggiore di Trieste, Piazza dell' Ospedale 1, 34125 Trieste, Italy 



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